Director's Message
      Dear Students,
     I never knew I would grow up to be a teacher to the core until I realized of my capability as a teacher I 1996 when my tution batches for secondary and senior secondary Physics started growing. I was happy to know that my students and their parents accepted my teaching methodology. This gave me an idea to incept Universal Group of institutions and research organisation in 2012 when a different attitude towards education seemed practical and most importantly seemed an urgent need of the hour. Since the official launch of Universal Learning Center in 2016, I and my team have been working round the clock,both physically and mentally, towards providing an apt service to the society, an environment where learning prospers through understanding and realization and not through marks and formulas.
     Here, at Universal Learning Center,we continuously ensure that students enjoy a happy, safe and secure environment designed to fulfill their potential. Consequently, we pitch ourselves on our reputation as a respectful, caring and dynamic coaching institute that places student's welfare and progress at the heart of all that it does.
     All our students are individuals from whom we have the expectations of hard work and sincerity. This aspiration underpins our culture of hard work and personal support making success both expected and natural. The vibrant and energetic student community is encouraged to develop confidence and deep love of learning as well as tirelessly guide them and motivate them towards a better future in today's competitive world.
     It's indeed a matter of great pride for us that after providing an adequate source of expert guidance and counsel for aspirants in the field of Engineering, we now also have facilitated the same for Medical aspirants as well so as to cater to the needs of a larger student community as a whole. The future of our country largely depends upon the younger generation and their concept educations,we tirelessly put our efforts to make the dream of each child come true.
     Our institute's success lies in motivating our students and infusing in them the attitude to not settle down with anything an inch less than what they dream off as a child and thus derive more than 100 percent out of them in academic performance.
     Regards and warm wishes
     Nitin Tripathi
     Director: General Management
Director's Message
     Dear Students,

     You have enrolled yourself with Universal Learning Center for the preparation of various entrance examinations like IIT-JEE/NEET/AIIMS etc. We join you in your noble choice & promise to help in your endeavor for the achievement of your goal. 

Remember in any scheme of fruitful attempt for the competitive examinations, the dynamic organisation of various inputs from faculty to facts, from material to methodology, from motivation to maverick adventurism, from subtle hammering to satiation cannot be ignored.

     We at Universal Learning Center are aware of the potential value of testing as a means of guiding the students into correct study habits. There in built highly proficient system of examinations developed by Universal Learning Center has proved to be very potent.

     In the end, I assure you that Universal Learning Center will continue to identify the efficacious & potential strength in you & help the flowering of dormant genius in you.

     Thanks & Regards
     Prachi Upadhye